Agrow in conjunction with our logistics partners have been providing international and domestic logistic solutions for decades. Be it International shipping, as part of our ongoing bulk fertiliser supply relationships, or one off domestic shipping, trucking or rail contracts, Agrow and our partners aim to provide a comprehensive and complete logistical service.

Agrow can manage its clients’ entire supply chain to ensure that costs are minimized and margins maximized within defined service parameters. Our transparent logistic solutions from supplier to customer control the products loaded, vessel schedules and tonnage allocation, all of which enable Agrow to ensure the supply chain operates efficiently.

For bulk and container shipping, Agrow can undertake all pre and post fixture operations as well as assist with customs clearance and AQIS requirements for both imported and exported commodities. Agrow can also assist in matching vessels to cargoes or in turn cargoes to vessels for both bulk and containerised shipments.