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Commodity Today
$AUD ($US/A) 0.8768
Canola (A$/t) -
Cattle (Ac/kg) MLA's NLRS 340.00
Cotton (A$/bale) 409
Lambs (Ac/kg) MLA's NLRS 449
Wheat (A$/t)
Wool (Ac/kg) 1029

Welcome to Agrow

Agrow Australia Pty Ltd (Agrow) has been marketing industrial and agricultural products for 50 years. In this time, Agrow has worked with overseas principals and Australian customers to develop logistics solutions that maximise efficiencies for both parties.

Agrow’s position in the industry is unique whereby it has transparent relationships with all levels of the supply chain, from supplier, shipping and warehousing right through to inventory management and distribution.

Expanding over our 50 year history, Agrow in addition to supplying the fertiliser industry, also services a broad range of diversified industries such as the stockfeed industry and specialty products for the oil, gas and aluminium industries.


Agrow has provided business support, research and advice to companies in the agricultural and fertiliser industries, areas covered include market and product development, sponsorship, logistic feasibility studies and corporate restructuring.

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