The agricultural industry is reliant on a vast array of variables including the weather, exchange rates and commodity prices. 

Weather plays a significant role in Australian agriculture and farmers continually scour the skies and rely on television and internet weather forecasts to plan for planting, harvesting and crop applications. The Bureau of Meteorology website is the Australian Federal Government's most visited website and is an invaluable tool to the agricultural industry.

A fluctuating Australian dollar impacts the cost of inputs such as fertiliser, chemical and fuel. Commodity prices can have the power to dictate what crops are planted and when grains, stock and other produce are sold to the market.

Agrowdata app

The one stop shop for all your Agricultural Commodity Pricing Information.

Agrowdata is simple to use and invaluable for anyone with a commercial or personal interest in the Global Agricultural industry.

Agrowdata is the one stop shop for all of your Agricultural Commodity pricing information

Agrowdata allows you to view and graphically compare a range of Commodity pricing data in one central convenient location.

Rather than subscribing to several market reports, receiving price updates via SMS, reviewing numerous websites or reading a range of newspapers, downloading Agrowdata will save you both time and money.

Agrowdata not only provides you with current and historical commodity pricing for a range of commodities, it also includes:
- graphing of historical and futures prices
- graphing commodity prices against each other over the same period allowing you to identify trends and correlations
- handy and relevant conversion calculators
- product specifications, futures and swaps contract specifications
- recent agricultural related news

This first release of Agrowdata gives you the following commodity pricing data updated either daily or weekly:
- Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Futures prices for Grains, Oilseeds and Livestock
- Current Global Fertiliser prices
- Swaps prices for Fertiliser
- Current Australian pricing information for Meat & Livestock and Grains and Oilseeds
- Forward Freight Agreements (FFA’s) for Panamax and Handysize vessels

On each easy to view Commodity screen, you will see the most recent published price as well as a snap shot of historical data. A green / red up down arrow will indicate the price movement since the prior published price. You are able to manipulate the currency of each Commodity you are looking at to allow a greater understanding of the impact currency has on global commodity price trends.

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